Our Artisans

Stasis Preserves

Stasis Preserves is a local Toronto based company who use only Ontario-grown ingredients to produce the best tasting, creative, safe and nutritious preserves possible. By not using artificial additives or preservatives, they have found a natural, healthy way of capturing our produce at the peak of ripeness so that we can enjoy the bounty of Ontario all year round! They source from local farmers to support those hard working family farmers that feed our cities. Visit Website 

Incredible Spice

Cooking real Indian dishes to dazzle your loved ones has never been this easy. Incredible Spice Brings a whole new way of cooking to Canada. Its all-natural spice blends create authentic and delicious meals. Visit Website


GRAINSTORM is a Toronto-based company that uses Ontario-grown, organic, heritage and ancient grains in their baking mix products. No toxic modern wheat or industrial-processing, no weird ingredients and not too sweet. Just lovely fresh, rustic flours and a handful of simple ingredients, ready when you are. It's authentic fresh-milled heritage baking made 21st century easy. Visit Website 


Augie’s Ice Pops

Augie’s Gourmet Ice Pops are All-natural, Handmade, Fruit-bomb Popsicles! Augie squeezes, juices and purees all her own fruit and use only fresh herbs and zests for her fabulous HAND-MADE Ice Pops.  She uses honey, maple syrup and pure cane sugar to sweeten, but only a pinch cause the fruit has it’s own sweetness. That’s why they taste so spine-tinglingly good!! Augie can be found at various Toronto Farmers Markets. Visit Website

Say Tea

Say Tea is an independent specialty tea shop that has been owned and operated by tea lovers in Bloor West Villiage, Toronto. Their current semi-permanent tea collection numbers over 200 choices created with ingredients from around the world. Visit Website 

Pristine Gourmet

Pristine Gourmet, located in Waterford, ON produces cold pressed extra virgin oils, handcrafted infused wine vinegars, soya sauce and cooking wines, all of which are 100% pure Canadian, non- GMO, from field to table. Visit Website

A revolution has begun for Mexican food with Mad Mexican. The proud Mad Mexican team, lead by chef Jose Hadad, creates gourmet Mexican food from premium, fresh and local ingredients with the bold flavors of Mexico.  They specialize in producing the essence of Mexico making salsas and tortilla chips that are fresh, all natural, preservative-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and with no sugars added. Visit Website


Karmalicious is a Toronto-based natural skin care and spa company founded by holistic nutritionist Jenna Street. With no regulations, companies have free reign to use any synthetic and toxic ingredients they desire, all for saving a buck and increasing profit margins. Karmalicious is dedicated to providing safe skin and hair care made with a holistic approach, designed to heal and rejuvenate. Visit Website

Marvellous Edibles Farm is a family run operation located 2.5 hours northwest of Toronto on the stunningly beautiful Niagara escarpment growing beautiful organic and often heritage and heirloom non-hybrid vegetables planted with the moon phases. The farm takes its fresh organic produce including hand-picked heritage vegetables and mouth-watering fruits and making them into award winning jams, preserves, pickles, salsa and hot peppers. Visit Website

Growing Spaces Preserves

Growing Spaces specializes in a number of organic canning products grown locally at their family farm in Ayton, Ontario.  These artisan preserves are made with all organic ingredients with many of the recipes being past down from generation to generation.  Always coming up with new and exciting combinations, Blythe and Adam’s preserves are sure to be a hit with your family and friends. Visit Website 

Alchemy Pickle Company

Alchemy Pickle Company makes delicious, nutrient-dense, and raw-cultured vegetables with local and sustainable farm-fresh ingredients. Their products are not only handcrafted and locally produced, but boast additional benefits such as assisting digestion and contributing to a healthy internal flora. Visit Website

Patisserie 27

Azumi and Walter own this local, neighbourhood pâtisserie baking French standard breads and whimsical sweets. You can find the pâtisserie’s absurdly buttery croissants at Crème Fraiche Market on Sunday mornings. Visit Website

Posted on April 25, 2013 .