Our Farmers

Our Farmers


Highmark Farms

Highmark Farm is a family run mixed farm operation in Cookstown, ON.  We farm about one hundred and twenty acres, twenty of which  are in market garden vegetables.

Over the years our farming endeavors have included beef, sheep and goats, wild boars and domestic pigs, chickens and horses as well as vegetable garden and field crops. Visit Website>


Niagara Food Specialties

Niagara Food Specialties began with the Pingue family in Niagara as early as 1975. Today, brothers Mario and Fernando are committed to sustainability in local food production and maintaining food traditions that may one day be lost to the mass industrialization of the food system. Their suppliers are either certified organic or on a naturally raised program. They are free range, fed only non-GMO feeds, given no animal by-products, antibiotic/hormone free and humanely harvested. Their products are then salt preserved - nitrate and phosphate free - and spiced with products grown on their own farm and are pesticide free. Visit Website >

Danbrie Farms

Danbrie Farms is a small-scale Canadian producer of pure maple syrup and related maple products located on a 43 acre lot on the edge of the Niagara escarpment in Milton, Ontario; where the maple tree roots penetrate the escarpment’s karst limestone providing a unique maple flavour . Farm owner and mastermind Jay Thoman toils hard to stock our shelves with local, sustainable and delicious syrup (light, medium & amber) and maple jalapeno jelly. Visit Website

Samsara Farms

Samsara Fields is an organic farm conceived in 2009 and located in Waterford, ON specializing in heirloom varieties of seasonal vegetables that are no longer commercially available. Their heirloom varieties are richer in vitamins, more colourful and attractive, and their amazing tastes make supermarket produce seem like plastic. Visit Website

Mapleton's Organic

Mapleton's Organic, born in 1999, crafts fresh organic ice cream, yogurt and frozen yogurt on a family farm in Northern Wellington County (Moorefield, ON). On 600 acres of certified organic land, they raise and care for their cows that supply the milk for their delicious products. They are committed to not using chemicals, GMOs, antibiotics, artificial ingredients or salt and guarantee their products as gluten free and nut free. Visit Website

Organic Meadow

Organic Meadow is one of the most successful organic farmers’ cooperatives in Canada whose members are family farmers working with nature to create healthy soil, healthy plants and healthy animal – the result of which is locally-farmed organic milk and other dairy products, eggs and grains of the highest quality. For over 20 years, Organic Meadow has remained true to its roots – committed to preserving the family farm and a healthy environment using sustainable organic practices, and dedicated to quality, honesty and giving back to the community. Visit Website

Bee’s Universe, an Ontario company founded and exclusively owned by Irina and Jon Alecu, offers a wide variety of natural bee products. Their beeyards (300+ hives) are located in the neighbourhood of wildflower fields between Toronto and Innisfil, ON. Their signature wildflower honey is unpasteurized (raw) allowing the honey’s natural properties and flavours to shine. Visit Website


Randy Leitch currently manages 275 hives in 15 fields scattered throughout Dufferin and the northwest portion of Caledon. He provides local Ontario with comb honey, Unpasteurized Liquid Honey, creamed honey, bee pollen and much more! Visit Website

Loffredo Farms

Loffredo Fruit Farms is a family run fruit farm in St Catherines, ON. They practice traditional farming methods, and along with managing the orchards they also run an on-site commercial kitchen, and turn out a variety of jams, jellies & baked goods prepared from Loffredo Fruit Farms produce.

Poschaven Farms

Poschaven Farms located in New Liskeard, ON have always used natural methods when growing crops and raising livestock. For the past eight years all of their crops have grown using strict certified organic standards. They plant only certified organic, non G.M.O. and untreated seed. All products, including spelt, buckwheat, rye, flax and bran are processed on their farm. Visit Website

Warner’s Farm

Warner’s Farm is a local, sustainable fruit farm in Beamsville, ON. They grow cherries, apricots, peaches, pears, plums, apples, grapes and nuts, and have won awards for the best apple cider in Niagara! Visit Website 

Posted on February 7, 2013 .