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Monforte Dairy

Monforte Dairy has been producing delicious quality artisanal cheeses in Stratford, Ontario since 2004. This dairy is known as one of the premier cheese producers in Ontario. All of the milk comes from local farmers’ herds of sheep, goats, water buffalo and cow. Monforte cheese is known far and wide for its extensive range of popular European-style cheeses, like the signature Toscano aged sheep’s milk cheese, or buttery, unctuous Bliss. Crème Fraîche is offering a great selection of soft chèvre, semi-soft and firm, age ripened cheese, which you will be familiar with if you are a frequenter of farmer’s markets in the GTA. 

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Glengarry Fine Cheese

Located in Lancaster, ON, Glengarry is known for producing world-class cheese and known as a hub for cheese making supplies and education. Their award-winning cheeses are made from cow and goat milk supplied direct from the farm where the cheese facility is located. Crème Fraîche Market Café carries a selection of the best Glengarry has to offer, including blooming and delicate Figaro, Dutch-style Lankaaster Aged, creamy Celtic Blue Reserve, and sharp and tasty Big Brother. 

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Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese

The cheese from this dairy is influenced by cheese maker Shep Ysselstein’s time learning his craft in the Swiss Alps. The dairy is located in Oxford County, ON and milk comes from neighbouring Friesvale Farms. Crème Fraîche Market Cafe carries the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix award winner Five Brothers, which shares traits from Gouda and Appenzeller swiss.

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Back Forty Artisan Cheese

Founded in 2000, Back Forty Artisan Cheese is located in Lanark County, ON. Using 100% pure, unpasteurized ewe’s milk, their cheeses are unique and full of flavour. Crème Fraîche Market Cafe carries the Bonnechere, a semi-firm, tangy cheese with a toasted rind, and also the award-winning Highland Blue.

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Crossroad Farms

Crème Fraîche Market Cafe currently carries the Crossroad Farms Sheep Gouda, which is not easy to find in Toronto. This Oxford County farm had an excess of sheep’s milk, and enlisted the expertise of Gunn’s Hill sheep maker Shep Ysselstein to create this mellow and sweet Gouda-style cheese.




Thornloe Dairy

Representing Northern Ontario is Thornloe Dairy. Located in the beautiful Temiskaming region, this dairy has been making excellent cheese for over 70 years. Seasonally, Crème Fraîche Market Cafe carries a variety of Thornloe cheese including sharp Aged Cheddar, semi- soft and creamy Charlton goat aged in wine, and the extremely popular Devil’s Rock Blue.

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MountainOak Cheese

In Holland, the Van Bergeijks' prize-winning cheeses were very popular with local customers, but there was little opportunity to grow as dairy farmers. Seeking a brighter future for their children, the family emigrated to Canada in 1996, where they purchased their present farm in Wilmot Township, Ontario. Mountainoak Cheese is a modern, state-of-the-art processing plant that allows the family to continue the tradition of great-tasting, highquality, Gouda-style cheeses made with high-quality, fresh milk from their own dairy cows. 

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