Our Bakers

St. John’s Bakery

St. John's Bakery is one of Toronto's finest and unique artisan bakeries. They bake organic breads and sweets for Crème Fraîche Market Cafe, made with certified organic flour, and natural and certified organic ingredients. This bakery strives to provide exceptional breads and sweets that use the finest ingredients and no preservatives.

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Alli’s Bakery

Alli’s Bakery, named after the baker herself, began in 2004 and has made a reputation for making delicious treats - specialty breads (gluten-free options), savouries, cookies and her specialty cinnamon buns. All her recipes are original and ingredients are as fresh, local and seasonal as she can get.

More than Pies

More than Pies is an independent retail bakeshop specializing in quality home-style baking. They stock Crème Fraîche Market shelves with a variety of yummy baking including biscotti, cookies, squares and banana bread. Their baking is made with all-natural ingredients, and is prepared and baked by hand using local produce where possible.

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Evelyn’s Crackers

Evelyn’s Crackers is a small artisan cracker company based in Toronto utilizing heritage grains grown organically in Madoc, ON. As a husband and wife team, chef and baker Dawn and Ed, believe that eating local and organic foods have huge health and farming benefits and have based their business, named after their young daughter, around this philosophy. Each of their creations is as distinct as its ancient and heritage grains favouring them, all of which can be found at Crème Fraîche Market Cafe; Slightly Seedy, Spicy Dal, La Semolina, Currant in the Rye, Cheddar Crispies, Lavender Shortbread, Cacao Nib Cookies, Pancake and Cookie Mixes and their award winning Maple Granola.

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