Over the past few years, Creme Fraiche has been dedicated to bringing healthy and local Ontario food to our community in both a retail setting and a market environment. We have been thrilled to showcase all the amazing Ontario farmers and local artisans. In addition, it has been a pleasure to educate the community about Ontario cheese, fair trade coffee and other artisanal products.

Our loving community has allowed us to embrace the many wonderful opportunities to connect with people of all ages on how to grow and prepare food. Getting to know so many families, children, relatives and newcomers in this neighbourhood has truly left the deepest footprints in our hearts. A few kind words could not truly express the magnitude of our appreciation.

As many of you know, in August 2016 Creme Fraiche decided to close its retail doors. However, this is not a goodbye but a see you next time! We will continue to run and sponsor the Annette Village Farmers' Market and bring you local, sustainable, and delicious food. Thank you all for your support and contributions. We look forward to seeing you all for the remainder of this season at our market on Wednesday's and hope you stay connected with ourCreme Fraiche family as this will not be the last of us! 

Quality Artisanal Foods

Crème Fraîche Market Cafe is a shop located in the heart of Annette Village. The shop and its staff are passionate about sustainability and supporting local Ontario farmers and artisans. We have hand-picked the best of Ontario's cheeses, breads and freshly baked goods from popular Toronto farmers’ market producers.  We encourage conviviality through local foods, pop-up farmers markets and community events.

Artwork by David Crighton

Upcoming Events

Our 2017 Annette Village Farmers' Market Season will launch in May 2017.

Join us... we look forward to seeing you there!